Celebrate National Sex Toy Day with Some Super Versatile Toys!

National Sex Toy Day is November 4th and you know we have you covered! When you’re thinking about celebrating this fun holiday by investing in a new toy, there are lots of factors to consider before dropping your hard earned cash. It’s often assumed that each product is meant to be used in one way for one specific type of stimulation, but that’s not always true. In fact, sex toys are very versatile and with a little creativity and some education (that’s where we come in!) you can turn the product you’ve had your eye on into the multi tool of your dreams—and who can say no to more bang for your buck? (See what I did there!?) Here’s a list of some of our favorite products and the endless possibilities that await when you decide to take them home.


Magic Wand and the Magic Attachments

The Magic Wand is a cult classic for a reason—it’s been a go-to vibrator for people of all genders for over 50 years now. The powerful high-quality motor is a dream! Maybe you already have one and love it, but are looking to add to your toy collection, or maybe you’re looking for something that you can get a lot of different uses out of. The Magic Wand is a great option (if you’re having trouble deciding which of the four variants is for you, I’ve linked to our guide here), because not only is it great for solo or partnered play, there are a variety of attachments that will instantly turn this classic into a g-spot or prostate stimulator, a penis stroker, or just to add a little texture if you want to try something new. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving!


Bonus: Check out the Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount—a position enhancer specifically designed to hold your Magic Wand with strategic pockets to manage the cord and easily access the control buttons. Hands free use of your favorite toy? Win win! 


Romp Wave and Dame Pom

Both of these vibrators are extremely versatile and are great for beginners and experienced users alike. They’re uber flexible and marketed as lay on vibrators which are generally used for vulva owners to grind on. Due to their shape, size, and flexibility, they can be used in any position for both broader stimulation, by pressing the entire toy against the body, or more pinpointed stimulation with each toys' ridges and edges! In addition to this, their flexibility makes for a great option for use during partnered play in between bodies as a hands free option in positions like missionary, or are easy to grip for manual stimulation in many other positions. They’re also small and thin enough (especially the Wave!) to easily tuck into a harness or underwear for that extra stimulation for the wearer. 

Key differences:

    • Price point: The Romp Wave is one of my favorite budget friendly toys, at $29.99 it makes for a great option if you’re really just looking to see if something like this would work for you. The Dame Pom goes for $95.00, but we promise its medical grade silicone and strong motor make it worth every penny.
    • Vibrations: The Romp Wave is going to have a more buzzy vibrations while the Dame Pom has the deeper rumbly vibes that Dame products are often known and loved for.

Ways to use it:

    • Grinding toy, between bodies, easily tucked into harness, as pinpoint external vibe



Hole Punch Fluke

The Fluke is beautiful, hand-poured, and locally made in St. Paul, MN. This toy can be used as a dildo (harness compatible) or as a plug due to its shorter shape and flared base. Its slender neck and fuller head make it easy to use hands free as it tends to stay put—a great option for those looking for fullness! The wearer will feel the Fluke's contours in just the right spots with each movement which makes this perfect for stimulating internally while grinding or use while wearing a harness. It's also beautiful for penetration as it provides a gentle pulling on the g-spot or prostate with each thrust. The Fluke is also great for double penetration as the slim neck leaves the perfect amount of room for anal penetration while it creates a fullness vaginally. A true versatile champ!


Uberlube is a staff favorite here at Smitten Kitten. As a silicone based lube, it will not absorb into the body or evaporate like a water based lube will, giving you the longest lasting use that is great for sensitive bodies. Aside from internal use, it makes for a great massage oil as it is packed full of vitamin e oil that leaves the skin feeling slick and silky. It also comes in an aesthetic glass bottle with an easy to use pump top making it a perfect gift on it’s own or as part of a care package. We’ve even had customers come in to buy the sample size bottles to use in between body parts to prevent chafing—we love a multi purpose lube! 


One thing to note here: Like all silicone based lubes it is not compatible with silicone based toys—save this one for glass or stainless steel toys and for long lasting skin on skin massages or play. Thank us later!


Fun Factory Manta

The Manta is designed to be used as a stroker for a penis, but can be used on a diverse array of anatomy. The hallowed shape and textured wings allows for ease of use around a penis, while the tips of the wings are  ideal for nipples, a clitoris, or any other body part that you’d like to have some more pinpointed fluttering stimulation. The texture on the sides of each wing, or the flat body of the toy can also provide broader stimulation by pressing it against the body—the possibilities with this one are abundant! We're also big fans of the very functional controls and handle that provide a nice reach in-between bodies. 


Tantus Stingy Paddle

This paddle from Tantus is one of a kind! One end is a flat, flexible paddle that is great for beginners and experienced users alike. The smooth and velvety silicone is great for gliding on the skin while easily delivering a nice stingy impact! Flip it over, and the handle is designed to be used as a g-spot or p-spot stimulator. It’s safe to be inserted both vaginally, and anally, as the paddle acts as a flared base. It has a bit of a bulbed head and a slim shaft so it hit’s all of the right spots while being perfect for penetration. Made with 100% body safe silicone it’s incredibly easy to clean and can be fully sanitized in between partners for peace of mind. You won’t regret adding this one to your collection! 

If you have any questions or doubts about how to best use your product—or even just want some creative inspiration always feel free to stop in or give us a call. We’re here to help!