Magic Wands- Timeless Classics and Modern Versions. Which One is For You?

Very few sex toys have their own Wikipedia page, but the Magic Wand Original has that honor along with many other accolades. 

The Magic Wand Original is a two speed, corded vibrating massager. Other than the substitution of some lighter design materials and a change in company ownership, the design of this vibrator is essentially unchanged over the last five plus decades!. This is for good reason. The Magic Wand Original is a very effective tool for sexual stimulation and orgasm. 

Magic Wand Original: A Timeless Classic:

Users love the easy-to-hold handle, simple toggle-switch speed control and large surface area. Not to mention the power the Magic Wand is famous for. This vibe is a reliable and trustworthy tool for orgasms and has the track record to back up all the endorsements! The vibrating head is a medium soft vinyl that will yellow over time and with degradation due to cleaning. 

Having said that, many folks enjoy their Magic Wand Original for years and years. Because the head is vinyl and will show wear and tear over time, we recommend purchasing a removable silicone cover to keep it fresh! Check out the Pop Top line of Magic Wand attachments! *These are worth every single penny! 

Magic Wand Plus. Comfort and Durability Upgrades:

The Magic Wand Plus has four speed options (instead of 2) and boasts equal power too. This model features push button controls vs. the toggle switch mechanism of the Original. Additionally the Plus features and upgraded silicone vibrating head and a flexible neck for added comfort during use.

This model is often confused with the Rechargeable because they do look similar; however, the Magic Wand Plus is NOT cordless. Users must still enjoy it while it's plugged in! 

Magic Wand Rechargeable. All the Power Plus Cordless Convenience:

This spot-on vibrator features an important innovation, exclusive to this model. It has variable vibration patterns in addition to variable speeds. Not only does this model also have all of the features of the Magic Wand Plus, it can be used cordless for those times when more freedom is needed. Real talk here-- sometimes having to be near a wall outlet for power is limiting! The Magic Wand Rechargeable also has a very unique feature that we have never before seen in a rechargeable vibrator; you CAN use it plugged in too. That means that all is not lost if the battery dies mid-use. You can just plug it in and continue! 


Magic Wand Mini. The Small and Mighty:

The Magic Wand Mini is the newest addition to the Magic Wand family! This amazing compact wand weighs in at less than a pound, .75 LBS to be exact. With three speeds and a 6,000 RPM motor, this wand packs as much of a punch as its famous relative, the Magic Wand original, and with a larger range of power. This model is ideal for a light weight and cordless option that lets bodies be even closer! The Mini, also features a silicone vibrating head with a flexible neck that can be fully sanitized.


Most Common Question About The Magic Wand Massagers:

Question: "Are they worth it?"

Answer: "Yes!"
Now that there are three great options for Magic Wand models (with various price points and functionality features), there is a "right" one for you. We think the best value of the three options in terms of price and functionality is the Magic Wand Plus. Choose the one that feels right for your budget and be realistic with yourself about whether or not corded vs. cordless is really that big of deal for you! 


Question: "Wow. These are all much larger than I thought they'd be. Are they too big?" 

Answer: "No... and maybe Yes. It depends."
Many people really love how large the Magic Wand vibrators are. We also love the fact that they have a longer handle than most vibrators too. This feature helps with reach and means it's easier to maneuver the vibrating head to the areas you most want to stimulate. This design is very functional whether being used for solo play or during partnered sex. At first, many folks do have a hard time imagining bringing this much vibrator into partnered play; but we can say with confidence that most folks get used to it and grow to love it more with every use! If you're looking for something more compact and lightweight try the Magic Wand Mini!


Question: "What do you do with that? Does it go inside?" 

Answer: "These are designed for external stimulation- not for penetration. But you can get attachments that fit over the vibrating head so you CAN enjoy all that power with penetration too." 
The round tennis-ball-shaped head is the only part that vibrates and that is designed to be pressed against the most sensitive areas of the genitals with greater or lesser pressure and movement depending on the users preferences in the moment. Users will soon figure out what combination of speed, pressure, and movement works best for them! Adding internal attachments can go a long way to making your Magic Wand more versatile though! For using the Magic Wand Mini internally, try the Le Wand Petite Internal Attachments.

Magic Wand Model Comparison Chart: