Your Personal Sex Toy Concierge: Smitten Kitten's NEW Website

Smitten Kitten is best known for our friendly sex toy shopping experience and our curated product selection.

It’s challenging to buy sex toys online even when you are confident that the selection is already curated for safety, value and quality! 

Our goal is to make our online experience as helpful, fun and satisfying as our in-store shopping experience. Smitten Kitten’s new website has tons of features to help you make the purchase you have been dreaming about! 


Smitten Kitten’s new Blog called, “Help Me Choose,” features concise, helpful information for you feel comfortable and confident shopping for sex toys, lubes, and supplies.

  • Use the tags to sort posts by subject matter. 
  • Look for our “Hassle Free Guide” series for practical tips and useful information.
  • Follow the links to find out more about the specific products mentioned.


Smitten Kitten sex educators have decades of experience helping customers navigate our curated selection. Our online product pages provide accurate, helpful, easily comparable features designed to make your shopping experience easy. 

PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY: Our product photos are customized to clearly show the details that make a difference.

SCALE ITEM IN PHOTOS: One of the last photos in each product will include an item for scale. This way customers can easily visualize how large or small any product really is.

OVERVIEW TAB: Quick overview of the product material, feel, size and any other special attributes. 

DETAILS TAB: Each product on our website features a customized description written by Smitten Kitten Sex Educators. We guarantee this information is useful and accurate. 

EDUCATIONAL PRODUCT VIDEOS: Many of our product pages include short videos to animate and better describe features and functionality.

Click the details tab for full description, product video, complete measurements, and other attributes

RELATED PRODUCTS: Easily discover all the great products made by your favorite brands by clicking on the manufacturer's name at the top of the product page. Browse curated collections linked through the tags at the bottom of the Details tab.


Using our Compare Feature is easy and helpful! You have the ability to evaluate side-by-side up to five different products. Here’s how! 

  • Simply click the two little arrows you see (in light grey) to the right of the product title for every product you want to compare.

    Click the arrows to add up to 5 items to your comparison page
  • Next, navigate up to the purple header and click those same two little arrows (this time they are in orange). Once you click these arrows you will find that a window opens up with your choices nicely laid out side by side! From there you may “Add to Cart” or “Delete” from your selection. 

Example of the comparison page with 4 anal toys side by side


Our website will save this list for you so you may return anytime that is convenient for you.

Many savvy shoppers use this feature to build their ideal shopping list. Once a wish list is created, customers are able to save their selections and leave/come back as needed to complete additional product research or consultations with partners. Here’s how! 

  • Simply click the heart you see (in light grey) to the right of the product title for every item you are interested in. If you are not logged in you will be prompted to log in or create an account. Once you are logged in clicking the heart will take you to your wishlist page.Click the heart to add an item to your wishlist
  • When finished you may click the heart you see up in the purple header (this time the heart is in orange). Once you click this you will find a window opens and your wishlist is clearly displayed! From there you may “Add to Cart” or “Delete” from your list.


Remember, we are here for you even when you are shopping online. We have been helping customers find the right products for nearly two decades. We can demystify, clarify, and offer expert opinions in a useful and professional manner for any sex-related topic.

You are welcome to email us at [email protected] or call us at 612-721-6088 for any product or shopping assistance.

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