Let's Celebrate Black Mothers by Helping to Build Generational Wealth for Black Families!

This Mother’s Day, Join Smitten Kitten in Celebrating Black Mothers.

Shop online on Sunday May 9th and 100% of proceeds will go directly to “A Home for a Mother of Three” campaign. 


Jasmine is a mother of two children and one on the way in May 2021.

She recently graduated from cosmetology school in late 2020 and as you can expect, she is inundated with not only the looming burden of student loan debt but also caring for two young children, a son who is 7 and a daughter who will soon be 8 months old. She is currently renting a two-bedroom house, working in her field as a stylist to make ends meet, and working on improving her credit score.

Jasmine is doing her part, but often that is not enough for Black people seeking to be homeowners due to systemic and systematic racism, housing discrimination, redlining, and predatory lending practices rooted in white supremacy.

Because of these unjust practices, it’s important for those of us who believe in being anti-racist to support grassroots economic justice initiatives to put money directly into the hands of descendants of enslaved Africans as a form of reparations to assist in creating generational wealth for their descendants.

We have the opportunity to do this now and not wait on the government to pay the debt owed to Black Americans whose ancestors received nothing for their forced labor to help build America with their blood, sweat, and tears.

To Support Jasmine and her beautiful family, 100% of the proceeds from all Mother’s Day sales will go directly to Jasmine’s account so she can have complete sovereignty over her choice for a home!


The Goal is to raise $225K by May 31st

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To learn more about Jasmine's campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/f/home-for-a-mother-of-three


Smitten Kitten's Anti-Racism Plan

Smitten Kitten is committed to Anti-Racism and an important part of our Anti-Racism Action Plan is economic justice. This is why you will find us using our platform to raise funds for vital direct reparations campaigns like this one! 

Our Anti-Racism plan includes FOLLOWING BLACK WOMEN specifically. We work under the direct supervision of Master Anti-Racism Educator, Speaker, Trainer, and Freedom Fighter, Catrice M. Jackson (Nyalla Mkale-Ukwazi).

Catrice M. Jackson

Catrice M. Jackson is the the CEO of Catriceology® Enterprises, LLC an international speaker, and a best-selling author, is a straight up, on the rocks with no chaser voice for racial justice who is unapologetic and unflinching with her anti-racism message.

She is the catalytic creator of SHETalks WETalk Race Talks for Women and WETalks for Women of Color.

Catrice is strong medicine and serves up hard truths necessary to eliminate the lethal infection of racism from humanity. She realizes that her approach may be rebuked and her flavor undesired. Catrice knows she is not for everyone and that everyone won’t like her, and she is unbothered by both.

She is unmoved by naysayers and does her work authentically and unapologetically with a revolutionary spirit and believes that justice is love. 


We are excited to announce that the fund goal has been met! The reparations fund of $250,000+ for A Home For A Mother of Three was fulfilled by May 30th, 2021!

This is what community looks like and we are so thankful to Catriceology for helping Smitten Kitten develop and implement our anti-racist plan. 

Thank you to all of our customers who ordered items for our fundraiser. Together we raised $6,827! 

Smitten Kitten