No Erection? No Problem!

Everyone with a penis will experience times in their life when erections... 

    • Don’t happen reliably,
    • Don’t happen on-demand,
    • Don’t happen at convenient times; and, for many
    • May not ever happen at all. 

It’s a popular myth that erections are required for sex and that a person’s penis has to be capable of being hard, in the moment, for sexual pleasure and orgasm.  What most American’s don’t know is that soft penises can feel pleasure too. Soft penises can be aroused and even orgasm and ejaculate without ever being erect. It’s true! 

We’re here to let you know that the pleasure and satisfaction you derive from your sex life doesn’t have to be erection dependent. In fact, letting go of this misconception can free you and your partner up for new adventures and greater pleasure possibilities than ever before. 



Penis Pleasure Toys

Erection or not, these toys work!

The Hot Octopuss Duo & Solo

Slip the penis into the opening of this toy and allow the flaps to envelop the most sensitive parts of the penis with the head resting just slightly above the powerful, oscillating pad. 

Experiment with using lubrication to customize the amount of friction the pad transmits. Some folks love a rougher touch and some enjoy more slipperiness. The flexible wings will expand with the penis if erection happens but are snug enough to stimulate a fully flaccid penis too. 

The Duo model is designed with an additional vibrating motor located on the outside toward the teardrop shaped tip (The Solo model doesn’t not have this feature). Your lover can straddle and grind against this independently controlled vibration for their own simultaneous pleasure! 

The Mens Vibration by Satisfyer

The open end of this easy-grip sized toy has a depth of almost 3 inches. Most of the highly sensitive, pleasure-providing nerve endings are toward the tip of the penis. Nerve endings are especially concentrated in the very sensitive under-side of the head. 

Slip the penis inside to the depth that works for you in the moment and turn on the powerful, rumbly vibrations. The sensation will light up your whole body and the flexible silicone opening can be squeezed by hand to provide more pressure. This vibe will work for penis pleasing regardless of engorgement. 

The Manta by Fun Factory

The bold texture and flexible wings are designed to be very adaptable for a large variety of body types and sizes. The rumbly vibration capability is centered at the base of the modified Y shape but is transmitted effortlessly all the way to the tips. 

There are many immensely pleasurable ways to use this- all of which are users’ choice!
Slide it up and down the shaft and find your most sensitive places. Concentrate the wings over the head (like a wrench over a bolt) and rock it side to side in a windshield wiper motion. Try all of these techniques with varying amounts of lubrication depending on how much or how little friction feels best!

The Palm Power Wand-Style Vibes with Palm Body Attachments

This highly speed adjustable and  ultra-powerful Palm Power vibrator is for use with the Palm Body Attachment set which is sold separately. We especially love the wide-outstretched nubs attachment because it cradles the penis, shaft, and perineum in the most intense sensations. 

This is one of our top recommendations for folks who really enjoy concentrated and invigorating stimulus. Use this massager for a host of other uses too- like clitoral stimulation or anywhere-on-the-body massage. 

 Second focus: 

Partner Penetration

When erection isn’t in the cards.

We are in luck, because the dildo is the oldest type of sex toy in human history. This means, they are tried and true winners for pleasuring our most intimate and natural desires. The advantage of using a dildo for lovemaking is simply the variety in size, shape and texture available- not to mention they aren’t subject to the fickle realities of erections.

Without any natural limitations, couples can feel free to choose the perfect size and density for their needs in the moment. This is advantageous because like penises, vaginas & rectums don’t always expand or lubricate adequately for all penetration sizes either! Likewise, bigger and harder isn’t always better- and often not even desirable or possible!

Vixen Creations' VixSkin Realistic Penis-like Dildos

These handmade dildos are crafted with an innovative double-density technique. Each model begins with a firm inner core. This core creates the structure and stability necessary for easy penetration. Seamlessly adhered on top of this firm core is a spongy, comfortably layer of silicone that feels divine.

The full line features a huge range of sizes from smaller-than-typical human penis size to absolutely giant and everything in between. We promise you, opening up the size and texture options afforded by this dildo line will be revolutionary in the pleasure department! 

SpareParts Deuce Strap-On Harness

Any dildo will work for handheld use, of course. Many, including all of the VixSkin range profiled here have suction cup bases too! But couples who love the intimacy of sex in the same positions they would naturally enjoy intercourse in, love this harness to strap-on their dildos too! 

Spare Parts Deuce Harness in Black shown on mannequin

This harness is designed to be worn by folks with their own natural penis too. In fact, there is a built-in penis and balls pouch to protect your package while harnessing a dildo simultaneously. This penis pouch can be opened up and used for hand-job access or oral-pleasure too!

This harness is super size adjustable, easy and comfortable to wear. Honestly this one has been life changing for so many couples over the years and you should know about this! 

Bonus, boning tip! 

Adding a butt plug, especially a vibrating one, to your sex play can bring new heights of pleasure and arousal.

Pairing a booty-pleasing toy with any/all of the above penis-pleasing suggestions might just rock your world!

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