Vegan Kink Gear!

Finding compassionate, plant-based kink gear was once difficult. Today, more options are widely available than ever before.

Here are some of our favorites here at Smitten Kitten:


First Focus:

Bondage Rope

JUST A NOTE: It is not uncommon for many natural fiber ropes to be finished with mink oil. When shopping for natural fibers like hemp, be sure to check with the rope-maker about their specific finishing oil. Synthetic rope, like the MFP we sell at Smitten Kitten will be vegan-friendly. 


Solid Braid MFP Bondage Rope

Smooth, synthetic bondage rope like this feels so nice and smooth against bare skin. Brightly pigmented and completely colorfast colors can be mixed and matched to create stunning bondage configurations. This soft, flexible rope has very minimal stretch, is water-friendly and, of course, it is vegan-friendly! We love that this gorgeous vegan-friendly rope is also super affordable! 

Safety is always our number one priority! Be Sure to have a pair of safety shears at the ready every time you tie up your sweetie! 


RECOMMENDATION: Using rope for bondage purposes is a wonderful way to be creative and incorporate whole-body sensation into your erotic play.

Rope bondage does take some basic skills and there is inherent risk associated with it. Be sure to refine your knowledge on bondage skills before playing!

One way to do this is by using educational books and practice! At Smitten Kitten we carry several rope bondage how-to titles! Browse our book selection to find one that speaks to you. 

Second Focus:

Easy Restraints

Let's face it, using rope is not the easiest or fastest way to restrain a lover when you want to get down to business. When you want more ease, more speed and some built in safety measures use restraints!

Here are some of Smitten Kitten's favorite vegan-friendly restraint options:

Bond Deluxe Kit

TOP RECOMMENDATION: This high quality kit includes two wrist cuffs, two ankle cuffs, connector hardware, and one blindfold. Components are expertly crafted by hand in One Up Innovations Atlanta, GA studio from super soft microfiber. Also included are a metal O-ring and four clip-on cuff connectors, which allow the cuffs to be linked together in many configurations. 

These cuffs use a simple velcro closure for a secure, but completely adjustable fit. In addition to the versatile sizing, the o-rings and hardware can be used in myriad ways for restraint.

EXAMPLES: You might use this Bond Deluxe Kit to bind wrists together, bind ankles together or connect your lovers wrists to their ankles! You can easily incorporate your bondage rope into fun restraint scenarios that include these cuffs too. Simply tie your rope to the o-ring on the cuffs and then tie off the other end to your bed frame. 



In addition to Smitten Kitten's Kink Gear section, we also carry a great selection of vegan-friendly options in every department including; lubricants, condoms, strap-on harnesses, and more. You might also be wondering about our vibrator, dildo, and anal toy selection too- we are happy to let you know that ALL of those are items are vegan-friendly. 

How to find the vegan-friendly products on Smitten Kitten's website:

1. Use the search bar at the top of our page. Search "Vegan". This search will return results in departments where many products may NOT be vegan-friendly. 


Third Focus:

Sensation Toys

One of the wonderful things about Kink play, is that it is a whole-body and mind erotic experience. Sensation tools are commonly used to deepen the connection between players. These are some of our favorite vegan-friendly sensation tools:


Tug on My Heart Nipple Clips

These simple, adjustable clamps are used to create light-to-moderate pressure. Commonly these are used on the nipples, but they are effective and fun to use on the inner labia too. The pressure is fully adjustable based on on how far the small O-ring is pushed toward the ends of the clamp. The chain that hangs from each tweezer clamp can be tugged on while they are being worn to add an extra sensation.

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