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  • 3-Speed Power Bullet 3-Speed Power Bullet Quick View
    3-Speed Power Bullet

    BMS Factory

    3-Speed Power Bullet

    $ 9.99

    The 3-Speed Power Bullet is well known for being an itty bitty powerhouse. Most people are surprised by how strong this vibe is despite its diminutive size. This bullet is also popular because it fits in the base of many vibe-compatible dildos, butt plugs and cock rings. Utilize all three speeds with an easy touch-button control at the base. This classic standby now comes in new packaging, and three sparkly new colors.

    It's important to know that this vibe is also famous for one more reason: it speeds through those three button cell batteries! The first set of batteries is included, but buy some back ups. You'll be glad you did!


    Length: 2.25 in.

    Diameter: 0.7 in.

    Material(s): ABS Plastic

    Settings: 3 speeds

    Power Source: 3 button cell batteries (included)

    Manufacturer: BMS Factory

    Country of Origin: Made in China


    This product is made of ABS plastic and has electronic components.

    ABS Plastic is simple to care for and easy to clean. It’s a hypoallergenic, non-porous material that won’t break down or leach chemicals into the body over time. ABS Plastic toys that vibrate can easily be cleaned with hot water and a body-friendly soap before and after each use, just be careful to avoid getting water in the battery chamber or charging opening. Using a washcloth may be easier than running water directly from a faucet onto a toy. If you want to sterilize your ABS hard plastic toy mix a solution of 1 part bleach 9 parts water and spray, wipe, or dip the toy into the solution and let stand for 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

    ABS Plastic is compatible with any kind of lubricant.

    If you want to share your hard plastic toy, we recommend cleaning between bodies or orifices, or using condoms as needed.

    If your toy is battery operated, rechargeable batteries are not recommended. Customer feedback suggests that they are more likely to corrode, leak, explode, and ruin perfectly happy sex toys. We recommend removing the batteries from a toy during cleaning and between uses.



    BMS Factory is a Canadian company whose products are manufactured in China. We love small toy manufacturers, but it’s also great to see larger businesses, like BMS Factory, who continue to add body safe, high quality products to their lines. BMS Factory is responsible for the PowerBullet™ vibrator technology that has become synonymous with big power in little packages.


    The Smitten Kitten's Custom ChicoBag The Smitten Kitten's Custom ChicoBag Quick View
    The Smitten Kitten's Custom ChicoBag


    The Smitten Kitten's Custom ChicoBag

    $ 10.99

    This product is sold out

    This bag is our favorite for quick runs to the grocery store, farmer's market, local progressive sex toy shop... you know, wherever.  Here's what the manufacturer, ChicoBag, has to say about this product:  

    "A compact reusable bag designed to stuff into an integrated stuff pouch when not in use, allowing the entire bag to fit easily in your pocket. The pouch features a carabiner so your bag can be clipped anywhere. Made of machine washable, durable polyester and complete with a 25 pound carrying capacity and two convenient handles."

    Our custom printed ChicoBags are limited edition, so snap up the latest design while it lasts! 



    Materials: Made of durable woven polyester. 

    Dimensions: Bag: 17"w x 15"h Pouch: 3"w x 4"h (approximately)

    Capacity: 25 lbs/ 11.3kg (That's about 16 njoy Pure Wands)

    DISCLAIMER: This bag is not actually sold with sex toys -- we sell those separately. 


    Wash cold and hang to dry.


  • Sutil Sutil


    Hathor Aphrodisia

    from $ 3.99 - $ 36.99
    Quick View

    Hathor Aphrodisia


    $ 3.99

    This water based lubricant is truly one of a kind, thanks to its third ingredient - botanically sourced hyaluronic acid. This ingredient is the key to Sutil's silky feel, skin hydrating properties, and surprising longevity. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body as an internal lubricant, hydrating skin, improving skin elasticity and joint movement, and protecting the skin's surface. With its other skin soothing, organic ingredients, Sutil is a versatile and long lasting lube for all types of play.


    Manufacturer: Hathor Aphrodisia

    Country of Origin: Canada

    Ingredients: Aqua, Propanediol* (Botanical Source), Hyaluronic Acid (Botanical Source), Nelumbo Nucifera Root Extract* (Lotus Root), Oat Beta Glucan*, Gluconolactone*, Sodium Benzoate*, Citric Acid. (*Eco Certified)



    Hathor Aphrodisia, owned and operated by a mother and daughter duo in Victoria, Canada, has been committed to creating organic aphrodisiac and body care products since 1989. Not only does Hathor make high-quality, organic, and body friendly products, they also support organic farming and sustainable agriculture by importing organic and wildcrafted essential oils from small farms around the world.

  • Pronoun Buttons 3 Pack Pronoun Buttons 3 Pack Quick View
    Pronoun Buttons 3 Pack

    The Smitten Kitten

    Pronoun Buttons 3 Pack

    $ 3.00

    Here at Smitten Kitten, we sincerely believe that graphic design and cuteness can be powerful tools for social justice! So we humbly submit these pronoun-themed button packs as an eye-pleasing strategy for creating more gender euphoria in the world. 

    Pick a pack (or packs!) that you like best, wear them yourself, or give them to a friend or loved one. These buttons would also make a great gift to celebrate and support someone's gender transition.

    Each Pronoun Button 3 Pack comes with the three buttons pictured together, along with a small cotton storage bag.


    We make these buttons ourselves at our Minneapolis store! If you would like a set of custom buttons with pronouns other than the ones pictured here, we want to make that happen. 

    To order a custom Pronoun Button 3 Pack, please contact The Smitten Kitten via email ( or our web contact form, and we'll reply within 2-3 business days to get your order set up.

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