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  • Nasty Woman 1.5" Pinback Button Nasty Woman 1.5" Pinback Button Quick View
    Nasty Woman 1.5" Pinback Button

    The Smitten Kitten

    Nasty Woman 1.5" Pinback Button

    $ 0.99

    Now through Election Day: 

    1. Add one of these buttons to the shopping cart. *See below to choose button color and quantity
    2. Shop around and look for other fun things and add those to your cart too. 
    3. Enter discount code NASTY at checkout for a free Nasty Woman button with any purchase!


    Pay .99 cents each for NastyWoman buttons without another purchase. *See below to pick your button color and quantity. 


    These Smitten Kitten exclusive buttons are made with love by store owner Jennifer Pritchett.

    #NastyWomen Believe Survivors.
    #NastyWomen Fight Back.
    #NastyWomen Make Change.
    #NastyWomen Get Shit Done.
    #NastyWomen Support Each Other.
    #NastyWomen Reclaim Their Bodies.
    #NastyWomen Resist Misogyny.
    #NastyWomen Call Each Other In.
    #NastyWomen Demand Abortion Access.
    #NastyWomen Support Gender Self Determination.
    #NastyWomen Set Goals.
    #NastyWomen Achieve Dreams.
    #NastyWomen Go High When They Go Low.
    #IAmANastyWoman and I VOTE too!

  • Non-Lubricated Latex Condom (Bulk) Non-Lubricated Latex Condom (Bulk) Quick View
    Non-Lubricated Latex Condom (Bulk)


    Non-Lubricated Latex Condom (Bulk)

    $ 0.50

    Most condoms are pre-lubricated with silicone lube, but not these guys. These Trustex condoms come in six bright, rainbow colors, and are not pre-lubricated at all. That means they're perfect for use on a dildo, (because there's no silicone lube to potentially damage the surface texture of your silicone toys) or for customizing with your own favorite water-based, silicone or hybrid lube. Just remember, oil lubricants are not compatible with latex condoms like these.


    Length: 7.62 inches / 193.54 mm

    Width: 2 inches / 50.8 mm

    Diameter: 1.27 inches / 32.36 mm

    Circumference: 4 inches / 101.6 mm

    Material(s): Latex

    Manufacturer:  Trustex / Line One Laboratories

    All measurements are verified by the manufacturer.


    This product is made of latex. Many people have contact dermatitis or various degrees of allergic reaction to the proteins present in natural rubber latex. Oil-based lubricants and lotions will cause latex to weaken and deteriorate, so water and silicone based lubricants are recommended. This product is not reusable.

  • The Smitten Kitten's Custom ChicoBag The Smitten Kitten's Custom ChicoBag Quick View
    The Smitten Kitten's Custom ChicoBag


    The Smitten Kitten's Custom ChicoBag

    $ 10.99

    Black Bag/White Text

    This bag is our favorite for quick runs to the grocery store, farmer's market, local progressive sex toy shop... you know, wherever.  Here's what the manufacturer, ChicoBag, has to say about this product:  

    "A compact reusable bag designed to stuff into an integrated stuff pouch when not in use, allowing the entire bag to fit easily in your pocket. The pouch features a carabiner so your bag can be clipped anywhere. Made of machine washable, durable polyester and complete with a 25 pound carrying capacity and two convenient handles."

    Our custom printed ChicoBags are limited edition, so snap up the latest design while it lasts! 



    Materials: Made of durable woven polyester. 

    Dimensions: Bag: 17"w x 15"h Pouch: 3"w x 4"h (approximately)

    Capacity: 25 lbs/ 11.3kg (That's about 16 njoy Pure Wands)

    DISCLAIMER: This bag is not actually sold with sex toys -- we sell those separately. 


    Wash cold and hang to dry.


  • Power Clit Power Clit Quick View
    Power Clit

    Marc Dorcel

    Power Clit

    $ 14.99

    This one's a winner... let us list all its exemplary attributes! A solid little vibe that can always be replaced down the road with a standard diameter bullet. A cleverly textured tab for extra friction right where you want it. A surprisingly affordable pricetag. And stretchy, supple silicone that makes the Power Clit easy to wear at any experience level, easy to clean and sterilize, and easy to love for its long, long, chemically stable, non-porous, body-safe lifespan!

    Wear the vibrator toward the top of the penis to provide vibration to a clitoris or to external anal nerves during penetrative intercourse. The Power Clit can also be worn with the vibrator behind the testicles, providing light friction and vibration to the scrotum and perineum.


    Width: 0.25 in.

    Internal Diameter: 1.3 in.

    Material(s): Silicone

    Settings: One speed

    Power Source: 2 G3A Batteries

    Manufacturer: Dorcel

    Country of Origin: Made in China


    As with any cock ring the Power Clit should only be worn as long as is comfortable for the individual using it. If it is painfully tight, causing tingling, numbness, or uncomfortable pinching the ring should be taken off. It is not recommended that cock rings be worn for more than half an hour.

    This product is made of silicone and has electronic components.

    Silicone is non-porous and non-toxic. Medical grade silicone is totally safe for your body. It can be easily cleaned and sterilized by following the guidelines below.

    To clean silicone, wash it with hot water and a body-friendly soap before and after each use. Make sure your toy is dry before storing it. Be mindful of any seams, charging interfaces or buttons on your toy, and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure that your toy is not damaged by moisture.

    To sterilize silicone, wash it and then boil it in plain water for 3-5 minutes. You can use this method of sterilization if the electronic components of your toy are removable.

    For toys that cannot be submerged in boiling water, use a solution of 1 part bleach and 9 parts water. Soak your silicone toy in this solution for 5 minutes, then allow to air dry. If your toy is not submergible, simply wipe, spray or dip the toy in the bleach solution without submerging the moisture sensitive areas.

    Sterilize your silicone sex toys between partners, between holes, or if you would just feel better about using your toy if you did.

    Silicone can sometimes be incompatible with silicone lubricant. Before applying silicone lube to a silicone toy, we recommend conducting a “patch test.” After 10 minutes of contact with silicone lube, rinse your toy and inspect for signs of bonding, peeling, or a foggy or damaged surface finish. If there are no visible signs of damage, your toy is safe to use with silicone lube.



    Although not well known in the US until the mid 1990’s, Marc Dorcel has been producing groundbreaking and award-winning French porn since 1974. In 2009 The Dorcel Group, operated by Mark and his son Grégory, launched a chain of sex toy stores and a Dorcel-branded product line in Europe. The Dorcel brand of sex toys, currently a 46 product range, also enjoys US distribution. At the Smitten Kitten we carry a few items that we have selected for both quality and price point.

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