• Ultimate Cleansing System
  • Ultimate Cleansing System
  • Ultimate Cleansing System

California Exotic Novelties

Ultimate Cleansing System

$ 26.99

The Ultimate Cleansing System is a douche made entirely of silicone for flexibility and unbeatable cleanliness. The squeezable bulb has a flat base for easy shelf storage and an ample 9.5oz capacity — more than enough for basic anal rinsing, and also suitable for deeper, more advanced cleaning or light enema play. The long, straight nozzle is firm enough for easy insertion and control of positioning, but slightly bendable for maximum comfort. The two pieces connect with a sturdy, leak-proof seal and are easy to clean - just wash with soap and water or boil in water to sterilize.

Spout width:

Tip: 0.9 in.

Narrowest point: 0.7 in.

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