• Axovus Leather Tentacle Leash
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Leather Tentacle Leash

$ 29.99

This heavier weight leash is a rock-and-roll alternative to the lighter Flat Link Leash. With the Axovus signature "tentacle" pattern of grommets on the handle and a gleaming, chrome plated length of heavy chain, this is a perfect lead for someone who wants to play like a rowdy puppy or a seriously disciplined dog.

Length: 39 inches overall.

Width: strap is 1 inch wide

Material(s): 7-9 oz black latigo leather, chrome plated chain and nickel plated grommets

Manufacturer: Axovus

Country of Origin: Made in US (Seattle, Washington)


This Seattle-based company has been around since 2003, and produces handcrafted leather goods including restraints, sensation toys and club wear. Their designs are obviously well tested and strategically crafted, and feature lots of smart, functional details that really set them apart from the crowd.

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