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$ 40.00

This therapeutic product is designed to provide cooling comfort for vulvovaginal discomfort. Genius, right? Vaginal itching, burning, pain and swelling can all be treated with the She*Pak cooling device. It's amazing for dealing with symptoms of yeast overgrowth or bacterial vaginosis, recovery from vaginal child delivery or vaginal surgery, and it can even work as a soothing remedy for irritation after a lot of frequent vaginal sex. Even though it's got "She" in the name, this product works for anyone with a vagina, regardless of their gender identity. 

Insertable length: 4 inches

Diameter: 1.25 inches

Material: Exterior made from medical grade plastic resin (HDPE), interior filled with non-toxic refrigerant gel.

Manufacturer: FemiCorp

Country of Origin: Designed and manufactured in USA

From the manufacturer:

Step 1: Wash
Wash She*Pak with soap and water. Dry. Replace in the plastic box in which it came.

Step 2: Freeze
Place box in the freezer. She*Pak is ready for use when completely frozen, which can take 2 hours
for the first time.

Step 3: Insert
Apply a quarter sized amount of lubricant, and insert vaginally

Step 4: Repeat the Process
Wash and refreeze your She*Pak after every use. Wait at least 1 hour before completing Step 3 again.

You can use She*Pak many times per day for relief, but allow for one hour between uses.

This product is made of medical grade plastic material. It is compatible with water or silicone based lubricant. To clean, simply use water and the mild, body friendly soap of your choice. It is not necessary to sterilize this product between uses, but hydrogen peroxide or alcohol may be used to sterilize the product if desired.

Please note that the current She*Pak design does have a seam running around the midpoint of the entire product. This results in a very subtle change in texture which is likely to be unnoticeable for the majority of users. 


Founded in 2009, Femicorp, LLC is a privately held company based in Hopkins, Minnesota. The She*Pak is their flagship product, and they plan to expand to provide upgrades and other products for vulvovaginal health. We've got major Minnesota pride and local love for this innovative company!

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