• Sex Positions for Every Body
  • Sex Positions for Every Body

Jill McDevitt

Sex Positions for Every Body

$ 14.99

From the publisher:

Whatever kind of sex you're having, you want it to be good. But what, exactly, is good sex?

Whether you're new to sex and seeking an honest guide, or eager to spice things up, Sex Positions for Every Body gives you all kinds of ideas for getting creative in the bedroom (or any room). Sexologist Jill McDevitt brings her refreshing, contemporary perspective to this judgement-free manual on all things sex. Clear the confusion about the clitoris, get the 411 on foreplay, and enjoy a fun and frank guide to improving your sex skills (over and over again).

•The Move: Step-by-step instructions show you how to nail it

•Visuals: Beautiful full-color artwork brings each sex position to life

•Who will love it: Do you like intimate contact? Deep penetration? Acrobatics? Choose a sex position that pushes your buttons

•Reviews: Quotes from real people about their favorite sex positions

•Just a Tip: Dr. Jill's expert tricks for maximum pleasure

Dr. Jill McDevitt is a nationally recognized, San Diego based sexologist, speaker, writer, blogger, and activist on the most interesting topic in the world: sex. She has a B.A. in Sexuality, Marriage, and Family, an M.Ed. in Human Sexuality Education, and a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality, which means she is the only known person on the planet with all three degrees in sex. It also means she has the coolest job ever!

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