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A.L. Enterprises Inc.

The Curve

$ 159.99

The Curve provides offers the same possibilities for genital restraint as other CB-X chastity devices—it will prevent a penis from becoming erect or being touched—but with the longest cage of the bunch in order to accommodate penises that need a bit more room. The hard plastic cage has a smooth, curved shape and a slotted design that offers plenty of restraining coverage but still leaves room for hygiene and urination. The device is held on by a ring in the back that fits behind the base of the scrotum and penis, trapping the balls safely and comfortably between the ring and the cage. Both the ring and the locking pins and spacer that hold it in place are included in multiple sizes for a customizable fit.

Like other CB-X devices, the Curve is designed for comfortable, discreet, and unobtrusive long-term wear—although loose-fitting pants may be helpful to conceal the forward-projecting curve of this particular device. Many customers say they can use the Curve at a urinal, though it may be helpful to have a piece of tissue to dry the end of the cage. On the other hand, some people find that they experience more spray while wearing this device and prefer to sit while using the restroom. In addition to the brass padlock that is included with this device, the Curve also comes with five serial-numbered, plastic tamper-proof locks. When the Curve is locked with a plastic lock, the device will be TSA compliant and will not set off metal detectors in airports or at other security checkpoints, making it possible to wear the device 24/7 without interfering with regular travel or professional routines. The unique serial number on each one-time-use plastic lock prevents “cheating” by snipping off one lock and replacing it with another! In the case of emergency, you can twist the brass padlock when on the device to break the pin that holds the device closed and easily remove the entire device.

Cage Length: 3 ¾”

Internal Diameter: 1 ½”

Material(s): Polycarbonate

Manufacturer: A.L. Enterprises Inc.

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year parts replacement warranty against manufacturer defect

Country of Origin: Made in USA

The Curve is made out of polycarbonate plastic material that is both exceptionally lightweight and durable. Polycarbonate is also a medical grade material that is hygienic and easy to wash and clean.

Make sure you know the size of your flaccid penis (measured along the topside from pubic bone to tip) to determine which chastity device will fit correctly—like all Smitten Kitten products, we do not offer returns on these devices. Also note that people with an especially large cock head may have a more difficult time fitting in these devices. This style of chastity devices ensure that you truly cannot get hard while wearing this device, and times when your mind/body wants to have an erection will prove at least mildly uncomfortable. The hard plastic is definitely unforgiving, and some people experience pinching or other irritation. Some people can wear these devices for weeks or even months at a time, but be sure to always practice safety and err on the side of caution. If your chastity device becomes uncomfortable to wear, remove it for a day or two. Also, be aware that cleanliness while wearing your chastity device is essential, though it can prove difficult. While wearing, wash with soap and water and flush with running water as best you can. It is also advisable to remove the device every few days for a thorough cleaning.

This product is designed to be put on while the penis is in a relaxed state. First, choose your ring size by first finding the smallest ring that you fit into, then going up a size. A ring that is too small may pinch the skin of the scrotum; a ring that is too loose may result in uncomfortable twisting of the device. Take the bottom portion of the ring and put it around the base of the penis and testicles. Insert the top ring section with the guide pins facing outward, and then slide the other top half on in front of that, pushing the penis in a downward position while attaching these two pieces to prevent pinching. Insert the shaft into the cage. Many people find that lubricant makes putting this device on much easier (silicone lubricant is most recommended for this, as water-based lubricant may dry up uncomfortably after the device is on if it is not all washed off entirely). Next, choose an appropriately-sized spacer and locking pin. Again, you will want to find just the right size that is neither too tight or too loose. Be sure to watch your testicles carefully while wearing this device for any signs of discoloration or coldness. Ultimately, you will find the right combination of rings and spacers that will allow you to wear the device comfortably for several days at a time (or longer), as desired. Insert the locking pin in the recessed space on the back side of the ring, and put the spacer between the rings and the front cock cage. When the ring, guide pins, locking pin, and spacers have all been attached to the, attach the brass padlock. Your chastity device should now be under the control of a diligent keyholder.

A.L. Enterprises is a family owned and operated business based in Las Vegas, NV that has been specializing in cock & ball chastity devices since 1999. Their CB-X line of chastity devices are easily some of the highest-quality cock & ball chastity devices we’ve seen on the market. (In fact, their products are so popular that counterfeit versions are common online. Rest assured, we’re an approved distributor of the real thing.) All A.L. Enterprises products carry a one year parts replacement warranty against manufacturer defect.

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