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  • 100 Questions About Sex 100 Questions About Sex Quick View
    100 Questions About Sex

    Chronicle Books

    100 Questions About Sex

    $ 14.95

    This nicely packaged conversation-starter deck is a stand out. We especially love these high-quality cards because they are designed to help lovers learn more about their partners' sexual personality, interests, and goals, all the while making no assumptions about users' gender or sexual orientation. The thought-provoking prompts and the language throughout are appropriate for a wide variety of people, making this a great gift idea! The deck is beautifully printed and contains questions ranging from the mildly titillating to the seriously sexy, "rated" X, XX, or XXX on the back of the cards to help folks choose their desired level of intimacy. We love recommending this for folks with new lovers as well as those in long-term relationships. 


    Publisher: Chronicle Books

    Packaging: Heavy cardstock box with hinged lid: 4.75 in. x 3.5 in., shrink wrapped 

    Pages:  100 cards: 2 x 3 1/4 in



    An independent publisher since 1967, Chronicle Books evolved from the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper. From pregnancy self-help guides to children's fiction, Chronicle Books has made a name for itself internationally, while maintaining a strong tie to its San Francisco home. Their spectacle logo is easily recognizable, and has become associated with clever, funny, and ethically produced works of literature that we're proud to support!


  • Cosmo's Steamy Sex Games Cosmo's Steamy Sex Games Quick View
    Cosmo's Steamy Sex Games


    Cosmo's Steamy Sex Games

    $ 9.95

    These inventive games from the editors of Cosmopolitan Magazine are sure to provide a jump start to couples looking to mix up their routines, discover sexy new uses for household items, explore new positions, and get talking about sexual fantasies. Packaged in a handy, magnetically-resealable box, Cosmo's Steamy Sex Games includes twelve games (with titles ranging from "Dirty Disco" to "Sexy Tarot Cards") printed on 118 glossy, colorfully printed cards. Ice cubes not included.

    Please note that this title is geared toward heterosexual couples, although many of the cards do not pertain to specific genders or anatomies—so the games could easily be adapted to other configurations of partners with a bit of occasional creativity!


    Author: The Editors of Cosmopolitan

    Publisher: Hearst Books

    Cards: 118



    Hearst Books, owner of Cosmopolitan Magazine, produces multiple prominent newspapers, magazines, and television programs in the U.S., bringing pop culture, news, fashion, and self help content to the masses through many formats. Hearst Books is responsible for publication and distribution of Cosmo’s sexy games and instructional books, while the editors of Cosmopolitan Magazine have expertly created and edited their content.

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