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Orange Passion

$ 10.99

• Palm sized masturbation stroker made of super stretchy, soft material.

• Provides fun, pleasurable texture sensations for external genitalia.

• Stroking sensations can be enhanced by using water-based lubricant.

• This porous, non-toxic elastomer cannot be sterilized and is therefore not recommended for sharing. 

• We recommend cleaning your Orange Passion with isopropyl alcohol and rinsing thoroughly with water. Allow to air dry completely before placing back in storage container.


For many, The Orange Passion is an affordable introductory way to try out the diversity of sensation that can be had using a stroke sleeve. Users can hold this in their hand to envelop any EXTERNAL genitalia (commonly a penis, but any outside-of-the-body erogenous parts will do) in pleasurable sensations. Try varying pressure, direction, movement patterns and rhythm to see what you like best! Remember, this toy is designed for external use only and is not intended for penetration of any kind. The packaging is reminiscent of a pill and is meant to reference a "prescription for pleasure" which might be a sensitive topic for some. The packaging also explicitly references "for men" when it may used by folks of all genders. 



Length: 2.75" x 1.75" (unstretched)

Penetrable Length: can stretch between 4-6 inches

Material: Elastomer

Manufacturer: Love to Love

Country of Origin: Made in China

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