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    Eroscillator 2


    Eroscillator 2

    $ 109.99

    The original Eroscillator was the very first toy we ever listed on our very first website, and we continue to stand by the awesome stimulation that this unique vibrator provides. This timeless toy has recently been updated and redesigned, and has changed from its original bronze hue to a shimmering plum color. The Eroscillator 2 offers a totally unique oscillating motion instead of the standard vibration offered by most toys. If you need power from your vibrator, but feel that most electric wand-style vibrators tend to be more numbing than stimulating, this powerful toy has the finesse you're looking for. The Eroscillator 2 provides three levels of intensity, which are noticeably quieter than most other vibes with this level of intensity. Plus, the flexible plug-in cord (at a whopping 12' in length) provides constant, reliable power while in use, which translates to limitless pleasure for your enjoyment! We highly recommend this vibrator!


    Length: 10 - 11 in. (depending on attachment)

    Diameter: 1.5 in.

    Materials: ABS Plastic, TPE

    Settings: 3 speeds

    Power Source: Plug-in (12 foot cord), American 120V, Type B Plug. This product does NOT come with an adaptor for European-style outlets. 

    Manufacturer: Advanced Response Corp.

    Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects

    Country of Origin: Designed in Switzerland, made in China


    Attachment heads for the Eroscillator 2 are made out of TPE, which is pthalate-free and body-safe, but they are porous and cannot be fully sterilized. Keep this in mind if this is a concern for you or your partner(s).

    Recommendations from the manufacturer:

    CLEANING OF THE APPLIANCE - Important: Never wash or immerse into water (or any liquid) while the tiny plug at the rear of the device is removed - Clean the various parts with soap and water or any other chemically non-aggressive products suitable for plastic materials. All the components can be rinsed under running water except the power cord and step-down power converter.



    Manufactured by Advanced Response Corp. and designed in Switzerland, the Eroscillator toy line has gained praise and recognition in the sex toy industry because of it's unique design. Both the aesthetic of the toy and the technology of its motor make the Eroscilator the vehicle for a one-of-a-kind stimulation. The Eroscillator has been subjected to more University Test and clinical studies than almost any other sex toy, and has received Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer's exclusive endorsement.

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    Eroscillator Soft Finger Tip Attachment


    Eroscillator Soft Finger Tip Attachment

    $ 39.95

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