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$ 185.00

This big pie slice of sexy fun offers firm, ergonomic support for the body, making it a great addition to anyone's sex life! The 12" inclined cushion is soft enough to be comfortable on the skin, but firm enough to maintain its shape, even on a soft mattress. Because the Ramp's design is so simple, its uses are virtually limitless. It can be used to elevate the hips during penetrative play, to cushion the neck during oral sex, to support wrists or elbows during rear-entry anal and much, much more. Pair it with the Wedge or the Jaz for even more possibilities!

Dimensions: 34 inches x 24 inches x 12 inches

Material(s):  Cover is machine washable microfiber. Liner is polyester, internal foam is fully supportive polyurethane.

Manufacturer: Liberator

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year warranty through Liberator

Country of Origin: USA

The removable cover can be machine washed in cold water with a gentle detergent. The cover can be machine dried with low/no heat, but air drying is recommended.


This Atlanta, Georgia based company has a wonderfully body positive mission, to “transform ordinary bedrooms into supportive landscapes for intimacy by presenting angles, elevations, curves and motion that help people of all sizes find satisfying ways to connect with their partners.” They seem to understand the importance of representation, as their product photos show people with a greater variety of skin colors and body sizes than most mainstream sex gear companies.

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