• Adjustable Low Rider Harness
  • Adjustable Low Rider Harness
  • Adjustable Low Rider Harness
  • Adjustable Low Rider Harness

Kookie Int'l

Adjustable Low Rider Harness

$ 87.99 - $ 94.99

This classically styled harness is made in the USA from buttery soft garment leather for an elegant appearance and maximum comfort. The built-in opening in the driver plate accommodates most flared-base dildos and the O-ring can be easily changed in and out for larger or smaller toys. This harness is handily adjustable, eminently comfortable, and built to last for years to come.

Hip Strap: Adjusts in circumference from 28.5 - 44 inches

Leg Straps: each leg strap is 18 inches long

O-Rings: 1.75 and 2 inches in diameter

Material(s): Leather

Manufacturer: Kookie Int'l

Country of Origin: USA

This product is made of leather.

Leather products are porous, meaning they cannot be completely sterilized and they will absorb water, so when cleaning it is best to use as little water as possible. Only use soaps specifically made for cleaning leather, like saddle soap or specialty leather wipes. Follow cleaning instructions of whichever leather cleaner you choose, then using a dry towel pat dry until all excess moisture has been absorbed.

Standard hand soaps or dish soaps can damage dyed leather and/or dry out leather leading to cracks or fraying. Oils in lubricants or soaps can stain leathers and should be avoided.

Over time leather conditioners may be necessary to keep leathers from cracking or wearing out, especially around buckles or other metal hardware.


This San Francisco leather wholesaler has been in business for decades. Their factory and outlet store is located on Folsom Street. They offer quality leather gear, designed and manufactured in the US.

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