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Lube Sampler

$ 7.99 - $ 18.99

If you're looking for lubricants, but don't know where to turn, these sampler packets are a great place to start! Each comes with 4-8 different fun-size packets or mini bottles of lubricants that can be sampled at your leisure. The prices for each of these lube samplers are heavily discounted to make your search for the right lubes easier!

In addition to the lube sampler(s) you purchase, we'll also e-mail a free PDF download link for our "Shopping Guide to Lubricants for Every Body!"




These lubricants have a variety of consistencies, from thick to thin, and include organic options. Water-based lubricants are compatible with all sex toy materials, although they will soak into the skin and evaporate over time.


*Regular retail price would be: $20.22 but you pay $14.99



These long lasting lubricants are water-resistant and make excellent massage glides. Silicone-based lubricants are not usually compatible with solid silicone sex toys. 

*NOTE: silicone lubricants feel very similar from brand to brand, so this sampler is much smaller (thus cheaper) than the other three sampler choices!


*Regular retail price would be: $12.50 but you pay $7.99



This selection provides water and silicone based lubricant options, as well as a hybrid of silicone and water based mixed together, and a plant-oil based lube. Perfect if you love lube, sexy experimenting, or just aren't sure what lube is best for you!


*Regular retail price would be: $19.98 but you pay $14.99


Sensitive Skin 

This sampler includes water-based, silicone, and oil based lubricants specially selected for folks with sensitive skin. Plus, you'll get some 1 oz. bottles in this pack, which are great for travel or giving a lubricant multiple test runs!


*Regular retail price would be: $25.98 but you pay $18.99

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