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    Massage & Body Oil

    Southern Butter

    Massage & Body Oil

    $ 22.99

    This Massage & Body Oil goes above and beyond a mere massage product to provide homeopathic skin conditioning, healing, and aromatherapy benefits. Southern Butter uses a long-term oil infusion process to maximize the homeopathic effects of calendula flowers in these oils, providing skin healing and moisturizing properties to leave your skin looking and feeling healthy after application. Choose from aromas of sandalwood and cinnamon to increase libido and speed blood flow, or rose and lavender to promote relaxation and elevate the mood.


    Ingredients (*USDA Certified Organic): *Olive Oil, *Sunflower Oil, *Vitamin E Oil, *Calendula Flowers, and *Essential Oils.

    Manufacturer: Southern Butter

    Country of Origin: U.S.A.



    Southern Butter is the intimate product line of the Sierra Sage Company, a mother-daughter owned business based in Boise, Idaho. Sierra Sage is committed to creating pure, organic products that are body-friendly and effective, without sacrificing their fierce commitment to supporting local farmers and environmental consciousness and responsibility. All of Sierra Sage's products are made with organic or wildcrafted ingredients and infused with herbs over a long-term process, ensuring their full medicinal and therapeutic effects. 

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    Seagrape Massage Oil


    Seagrape Massage Oil

    $ 21.99

    Silky smooth and luxurious, these massage oils attain their remarkably rich scents through a long-term infusion process. Each bottle contains a small amount of the infusing element suspended in the oil, making for a visually elegant package (perfect for gift-giving!) and ensuring that the vibrancy of the aroma does not fade over time. Use during massage for a sensual skin-on-skin glide, or add a few drops to a warm bath for a relaxing and refreshing sensory treat.

    In addition to all-around top-notch quality, this line sets itself apart with its unique and creative scents, which combine floral, fruity, musky, and spicy notes to form delightfully original and appealing olfactory experiences. Choose from the following sumptuous options:

    Exotic Fields - peppermint, rosemary, lemon and clove

    Dark & Sexy - black pepper and ylang ylang

    Sweet Musk - lavender, clove and patchouli

    Deep Light - lavender and orange

    Overworked - lavender, cedarwood, grapefruit and rosemary

    Breathe Easy - eucalyptus, rosemary and peppermint

    Lavender - pure lavender

    PLEASE NOTE: Seagrape has recently updated their packaging! These oils are now packaged in beautiful clear glass bottles with eyedropper caps. We will update our product photos shortly.


    Ingredients: Grape seed, sweet almond, jojoba, apricot kernel, avocado, coconut, soybean, and olive oil, vitamin E, herbs and essential oil blend

    Manufacturer: Seagrape

    Country of Origin: U.S.A.



    Handmade in Salt Lake City, Seagrape's products are created with 100% natural products inspired by nature and expertly combined to enhance the aphrodisiac qualities evident in both scent and texture. You'll never find synthetic dyes, preservatives, sulfates or chemicals, and every item is infused with love by the company's dedicated founder.

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