• Silky Tie-Ups
  • Silky Tie-Ups
  • Silky Tie-Ups
  • Silky Tie-Ups
  • Silky Tie-Ups


Silky Tie-Ups

$ 39.99

• Lush, synthetic silk fabric
• Includes two 48 in. ribbons
• Use as a blindfold or wrap wrists or ankles for light bondage

Use these gorgeous satin sashes creatively as a blindfold or for light bondage. Each ribbon is 48 inches long- enough for sensual restraint. Tie carefully and use knots you are very familiar with so you can tie your lover up safely. 

Note: Never leave a person in bondage unattended- even for a second.

Note: Always be alert for tingling, numbness, or areas that become cold to the touch. This is a sign of poor circulation or nerve constriction. Remove bondage immediately. Use safety shears to cut rope if necessary.

Note: Always predetermine a safe-word or safe-signal before doing any bondage play


  • Measurements:
Sash Length: 4 ft
  • Material: Synthetic silk
  • Manufacturer: One Up Innovations
  • Country of Origin: Made in USA

  • Oil-based lubricants may stain fabric
  • Machine washable, hang dry
  • Vegan-friendly

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