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Nectar Products

Crystal Wand™

$ 42.99

Massaging the G-Spot can produce incredible pleasure, and it's even better when you've got the right tool. The elongated S-shape of this wand is ergonomically designed to help users find the correct angle and leverage for self G-Spot and prostate massage. It's also easy for partners to hold and guide. The thoughtful shape coupled with the ultra smooth, rigid acrylic allows for extremely focused stimulation with hardly any friction. Besides intense G-Spot and prostate play, the Crystal Wand is often recommended by health professionals for people actively working to rehabilitate or restore vaginal or prostate health through internal massage.

Length: 7.25 in. (Straight line tip to tip)

Total Length: 9.0 in. (Measured along curve of toy)

Insertable Length: 3-4 in. (Depending on comfort and use)

Diameter: 0.90 in.

Material: Acrylic Plastic

Manufacturer: Nectar Products

Country of Origin: U.S.A.

This product is made of acrylic plastic.

Acrylic plastic is non-toxic and easy to care for and clean. It’s a hypoallergenic, non-porous material that won’t break down or leach chemicals into the body over time. To clean, use hot water and a body-friendly soap before and after each use. To sterilize, wash and then boil it in plain water for 3-5 minutes. As an alternative, you can also use a solution of 1 part bleach and 9 parts water. Soak your toy in this solution for 5 minutes, then allow to air dry. Sterilize your sex toys between partners, between holes, or if you would just feel better about using your toy if you did.

Acrylic plastic is compatible with all types of lubricant. This material can scratch easily, so keep away from abrasive surfaces. 


Nectar Products has been dedicated to the causes of sexuality, sensuality, and spirituality since 1973. Located in San Diego, Nectar Products are designed and made in the U.S. Led by Cynthia Lamborne, a teacher of Tantra and sacred sexuality, Nectar Products is more than just a sex toy manufacturer, it is a resource for sexual education and spiritual health.


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