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Glyde Maxi Condoms

$ 15.99

The Glyde Maxi is designed for folks who need a larger than typical condom for comfort and safety. An adequate fit will ensure that your condom feels good and enhances your sexual experience rather than detracting from your pleasure. These condoms are lightly lubricated with a silicone-based lube; however, you may want to have more silicone or water-based lube on hand to keep things slippery! Remember, never use an oil-based lubricant because it will cause a natural latex rubber condom, like this one, to fail! 

This Non GMO and fair trade natural rubber latex condom is also vegan. Glyde uses a double washing technique which cuts down noticeably on the latex-y smell often associated with condoms. Glyde also exceeds global standards for condom strength, and is just generally a pretty dreamy condom company.

Length: 7.09 inches

Width: 1.4 inches

Material Thickness: 0.065 mm

Material(s): Non GMO Fair Trade Natural Rubber Latex

Manufacturer: Glyde USA

All measurements are verified by the manufacturer.

This product is made of latex. Many people have contact dermatitis or various degrees of allergic reaction to the proteins present in natural rubber latex. Oil-based lubricants and lotions will cause latex to weaken and deteriorate, so water and silicone based lubricants are recommended.

Store this product around or below room temperature and do not expose it to excessive friction or heat, direct sunlight, or temperatures below freezing. Discard this product if the expiration date printed on the packaging has passed. This product is not reusable.

12 Pack

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