• Skyn Non-Latex Condoms
  • Skyn Non-Latex Condoms
  • Skyn Non-Latex Condoms


Skyn Non-Latex Condoms

$ 0.65 - $ 13.99

SKYN condoms are made from polyisoprene and feel extra soft and natural to enhance sensation. While they're popular with people who have latex sensitivities, other folks enjoy them simply for their uniquely sheer texture. These condoms are pre-lubricated; however, you might want to add more water-based or silicone-based lubricant for a customized experience. 



Material Thickness: 



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Polyisoprene is a hypoallergenic, synthetic alternative to latex, with a similar feel and thickness. Many of our customers prefer the feel of polyisoprene condoms to latex condoms. Oil-based lubricants and lotions will cause polyisoprene to weaken and deteriorate, so water and silicone based lubricants are recommended. Polyisoprene condoms cannot be sterilized or easily cleaned and should never be used more than once.


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