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    Pronoun Buttons 3 Pack

    The Smitten Kitten

    Pronoun Buttons 3 Pack

    $ 3.00

    Here at Smitten Kitten, we sincerely believe that graphic design and cuteness can be powerful tools for social justice! So we humbly submit these pronoun-themed button packs as an eye-pleasing strategy for creating more gender euphoria in the world. 

    Pick a pack (or packs!) that you like best, wear them yourself, or give them to a friend or loved one. These buttons would also make a great gift to celebrate and support someone's gender transition.

    Each Pronoun Button 3 Pack comes with the three buttons pictured together, along with a small cotton storage bag.


    We make these buttons ourselves at our Minneapolis store! If you would like a set of custom buttons with pronouns other than the ones pictured here, we want to make that happen. 

    To order a custom Pronoun Button 3 Pack, please contact The Smitten Kitten via email ( or our web contact form, and we'll reply within 2-3 business days to get your order set up.

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