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    Red Leather Heart Bat

    Spartacus Leathers

    Red Leather Heart Bat

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    They say love hurts. Prove the adage right in high style with this eye-catching crop, topped with a sweetly stinging, metallic red, dual-layer leather heart. Not merely attractive, this toy has the good looks to induce love at first sight and the sturdy construction to be a reliable impact play companion for years to come. Be sure to allow plenty of space for this one—at 25.5 inches, this crop has a swinging radius almost as long as Cupid's bowshot.


    Total Length: 25.5 in.

    Heart Dimensions: 2 in. x 2.5 in.

    Materials: leather, nylon

    Manufacturer: Spartacus Leathers

    Country of Origin: Made in Thailand


    This product is made of leather.

    Leather products are porous, meaning they cannot be completely sterilized and they will absorb water, so when cleaning it is best to use as little water as possible. Only use soaps specifically made for cleaning leather, like saddle soap or specialty leather wipes. Follow cleaning instructions of whichever leather cleaner you choose, then using a dry towel pat dry until all excess moisture has been absorbed.

    Standard hand soaps or dish soaps can damage dyed leather and/or dry out leather leading to cracks or fraying. Oils in lubricants or soaps can stain leathers and should be avoided.

    Over time leather conditioners may be necessary to keep leathers from cracking or wearing out, especially around buckles or other metal hardware.



    Spartacus Leathers is a family-owned business from Portland, Oregon. They opened in 1987 and have been supplying good quality kinky items ever since. Smitten Kitten has been selling Spartacus Leathers items since we first opened our doors and we've always been pleased with them.

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