Stand-To-Pee Packers

  • Sam STP Packer Sam STP Packer Quick View
    Sam STP Packer

    New York Toy Collective

    Sam STP Packer

    $ 75.99

    • Soft enough to fold for packing, rigid enough to use as an STP device
    • You can purchase a separate rigid insert to make the Sam STP Packer ready for other play
    • Hyper-realistic design comes in several representational skin tones
    • Can be combined with a harness or packing underwear for comfortable use

    New York Toy Collective uses extremely soft, low-density silicone for their packers—so they're as hypoallergenic and easy to clean as any silicone toy, but with a much more supple and squeezable texture than most. The Sam STP Packer features a detailed realistic design, and enough firmness for the ability to use it as a stand to pee device. This STP was made with trans guys, gender non-conforming, gender fluid and gender queer folks in mind. NYTC also creates a rigid insert to be able to use it for play. Phew! The options are endless here!


    • Measurements:

    Total Length: 5 in
    Diameter 1.5 in

    • Materials: Silicone
    • Manufacturer: New York Toy Collective
    • Country of Origin: USA

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