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    Cashmere & Leather Flogger


    Cashmere & Leather Flogger

    $ 75.99

    This flogger is a gorgeous mash up of visuals and sensations! Victorian elegance meets a riot of rainbow colors, while the cashmere and leather tails offer a mix of sweet softness and serious bite. Hand made here in Minneapolis, the Swoonkink flogger features a mixture of new, upcycled and vintage materials. Every flogger is a little different because of material sourcing, and the individual care and artistry that goes into each piece.


    Length: 16 inch long tails, 10 inch long birch handle.

    Material(s): Upcycled cashmere, leather, birch wood.

    Manufacturer: Swoonkink

    Country of Origin: Made in Minnesota, USA


    This product is made from upcycled cashmere, leather and solid wood.  Washing is not recommended. If the product is soiled, spot clean the tails, or wipe the handle with a damp cloth.



    Swoonkink products are handmade by the lovely Susanna, a local sewing powerhouse who supplies the Smitten Kitten with our prettiest luxury kink products. She combines both upcycled and select new materials and handcrafts each product herself. We love her entrepreneurship and attention to detail, and are proud to support this local Minneapolis business.

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