• Nöje Pleasure Wand Heads
  • Nöje Pleasure Wand Heads
  • Nöje Pleasure Wand Heads


Nöje Pleasure Wand Heads

$ 7.99

If you love your Nöje wand, make it three toys in one with this sweet upgrade! Think of these attachments as adorable little hats that the Nöje can wear to provide new and varied sensations. The "Hugger" head provides two short prongs to surround a clitoris or nipple with vibration and gentle pressure, while the Flicker head sports a small nose-like bulb and a wide, flat fin that provides flickering, fluttering stimulation. Both heads are made of satin-smooth silicone and fit the Nöje like a dream - just remove the toy's original plain silicone cap and slip the Hugger or the Flicker on in its place.

Flicker Head
Length: 1.8 in.
Width: 2.2 in.

Palm Curve Attachment
Length: 2.1 in.
Width: 1.2 in.

Material: Silicone
Manufacturer: Blush Novelties
Country of Origin: Made in China

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