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    Entry Level Strap-On


    Entry Level Strap-On

    $ 29.99

    Not sure which harness to buy? It's pretty hard to go wrong with a simple, well-designed beginner harness like this one. The Entry Level makes a great first harness, or a perfect spare harness for travel.

    With fully adjustable nylon straps that attach directly to the interchangeable O-ring, a removable driver plate and ample strap length, the Entry Level is basic enough to be very affordable, but still has all the standard features needed for a quality strap-on sex experience. It's travel-friendly, easy to clean, and even features a "waterproof" black option with velcro fastenings that won't rust the way metal snaps sometimes can.

    For a slightly fancier option, check out the Vibrating Velvet Strap-On Harness, which features the same strap configuration with a padded fabric driver plate and a vibrating bullet.


    Hip straps adjust up to 60" hip measurement

    O-ring: 1.5 inches

    Material(s): polypropylene webbing, nylon webbing, nickel-free metal hardware

    Manufacturer: Sportsheets

    Country of Origin: USA


    This product is made of fabric and nylon webbing.

    To clean, you may machine wash on a delicate cycle or hand wash. Wash in cold water with mild soap. Hang or lay flat to dry. Do not use fabric softener or bleach, and do not tumble dry or iron.

    Remember to leave metal snaps or fasteners open while drying to avoid trapping liquid inside. Allowing the metal to dry completely will prevent rusting.



    Sportsheets was founded in the garage of Tom Stewart, its founder and current CEO. By enlisting the help of his family Stewart turned Sportsheets into a multi-award winning company with five distinct product lines. Sportsheets products are functional, affordable, and built to last a lifetime. Their mission is “keeping couples connected,” which they do not only through their products, but their commitment to quality, customer service, and service to their communities.

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