Kegel Balls & Exercisers

"Many women today are familiar with doing Kegel exercises especially after giving birth. In the early 1940's a gynecologist named Dr. Arnold Kegel was helping women to overcome urinary incontinence through pelvic floor exercises instead of relying only on surgery. After several months, some of his clients reported having orgasms for the first time."
(This excerpt is from the website of Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross, specifically their How To Use Betty's Vaginal Barbell page.)

Your entire pelvic area is supported by a complex union of muscles among other anatomical structures. It's very important to keep your pelvic floor muscles in good shape and this selection of products includes tools to help you do so! The series of incredibly delicious contractions that you feel during orgasm—you know the feeling we're talking about—are these muscles pulsing with satisfaction. The stronger your muscles, the stronger your orgasm! Enough said, right? Well, there is one more thing. Please, please, please remember to also practice relaxing your pelvic floor muscles and consider following your workout with a gentle vaginal massage to make sure these muscles don't get over tight and uncomfortable! Okay, get to it!

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