Smitten Kitten sells a large selection of DVDs, including explicit educational films and ethically produced and feminist porn. We also have a DVD rental program at our Minneapolis store! If you're in Minneapolis, you can stop in any time during business hours and rent up to three titles at a time, for three nights. The cost of rentals is $5 per title, and all you need to rent is a name and contact phone number. Our rental collection is thoughtfully curated and includes instructional titles, authentic LGBTQ porn, plot-based porn (including parody and vintage), kink and BDSM focused porn, hardcore, solo and vignette movies. All the titles we offer for sale and rental are ethically made. That means the producers and performers are sober, the porn is made by producers we trust, and all the performers are paid and over 18 years of age. We do not offer porn that includes any kind of discrimination, including racism, sizeism, cultural insensitivity or nonconsensual fetishization. We also try to avoid movies that include the use of sex toys which appear to be made from unsafe materials. We also strive to offer titles that illustrate Smitten Kitten's values. We're happy to showcase porn that celebrates a diverse range of body types, porn featuring real experiences of pleasure, work by feminist-identified filmmakers and performers, and titles of historical significance. To find out more about our rental catalog, stop by our Minneapolis store and peruse our selection yourself! You can also purchase new DVDs in person, or browse our online DVD retail catalog.



We believe that sex education should be accessible to everyone. We sell new books online and in our Minneapolis store, but recently we've also started a lending library to offer sex education resources for those who can't afford to buy books. Luckily, we know a lot of sex educators whose bookshelves are practically overflowing, so we've received many generous donations to make this library possible.

If you are in Minneapolis and would like to take advantage of our lending library, just visit our store. Books are free to check out, and all that's required is a name and contact phone number. 



Smitten Kitten is an educational resource about sex and sexuality for our community. We leave it up to the discretion of parents and guardians as to when, if, and in what capacity they seek resources from our educators. We trust that parents and guardians make responsible and well considered decisions about the information and sexual values they share with their young adults. Smitten Kitten is a resource for sound, science-based sex-ed information for parents, teachers, and community members who want assistance as they develop the sexuality curriculum that is right for them. 





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