Part of Smitten Kitten's mission is to provide sex education services to our community. Below you'll find some of the services we offer to a variety of individuals and institutions. Click on the link that best describes you and your needs, and find out more about what Smitten Kitten has to offer!

Home Parties!


Smitten Kitten parties are educational workshops that are both entertaining and informative. This is truly sexual pleasure education for adults! Smitten Kitten parties are for everybody, regardless of sexual orientation, current relationship status, or gender.

Individual Consultation


Individual consultations with Smitten Kitten’s sex educators are designed to maximize access the expertise of our staff on a variety of topics.  Set up an individual consultation in our store or online! 

Smitten Kitten Public Workshops


The Smitten Kitten strives to provide accessible sex and sexuality education to our community through free public workshops hosted in our store’s space. We offer workshops on various topics led by our staff of sex educators, as well as facilitate workshops led by outside educators with specific areas of expertise. 

Professional Workshops


Check out our ongoing series of workshops for health care and sex ed professionals. We offer a variety of classes with a focus on pleasure positivity, as well as health and wellness.


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