Gender Expression Gear


Gender Expression Products on Shelf
Smitten Kitten is pleased to offer a selection of prosthetics and undergarments specially designed for gender embodiment and expression! This includes chest binders, packers, STP packers, packing underwear, realistic representational dildos, foam and silicone breast forms, and gaff underwear.

Our chest binders, underwear, and breast forms are currently available in our brick-and-mortar store only. If you want to see these items in person or try them on before purchasing, come on in and visit us! We currently stock the following items in these categories:

GC2B Half-Length Chest Binder (Black color)

Underworks Full-Length Tank Chest Binder (White color)

Origami Customs Mesh Gaff Thong (Black color)

Foam and Silicone Breast Forms (Contact us for current styles/availability)

Packing Underwear (Contact us for current styles/availability)

If you are looking to purchase these items online, we recommend buying directly from the manufacturers. The following links will take you to the manufacturers' own online stores. (Note that we provide these external links for your convenience only - these websites are not affiliated with Smitten Kitten.)

GC2B Half-Length Chest Binder

Underworks Full-Length Tank Chest Binder ("Ultimate Binder Tank")

Origami Customs Compression Gaffs


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