Health and Wellness Professionals

Part of Smitten Kitten's mission is to provide sex education resources to members of our community. Below you'll find some of the resources we offer to a variety of individuals and institutions. Click on the link that best describes you and your needs, and you'll get more information about what our store offers.


One of our goals as a business is to serve as a community resource, and we're happy to help anyone you'd like to send our way. Here's what you and your clients can expect with a visit to The Smitten Kitten. 

Professional Consultation


All Smitten Kitten staff are trained as sex educators, so we're always happy to field questions about sexuality, sexual health, and sex toy safety and use. However, health and wellness professionals looking for extended consultations above and beyond what is feasible during business hours can set up an appointment to shop privately with one of our sex educators online or in person.


Smitten Kitten has assembled a series of Clinic Kits for health and wellness professionals to use as demonstration sets for their patients using medical devices, sex toys, lubricants, and other tools to maintain or improve their sexual and genital wellness. These collections of educational resources, tools, and toys have been carefully selected based on our experiences creating similar kits for a variety of health care providers in the past, and are intended to be used as models and educational resources for providers and clients alike.


Sex educators and health care professionals can borrow display models from our store for up to 48 hours. We loan out teaching models of pleasure and sexual health products from our inventory, so that local professionals can better educate their clients. 


Borrow instructional workbooks and curriculum booklets on a range of sexuality topics, including youth education, safer sex, contraception, sex and cancer, abuse prevention and consent, and education for adults and people of all abilities. Our curriculum library is available to local sex educators and health professionals. 

Professional Workshops


Check out our ongoing series of workshops for health care and sex ed professionals. We offer a variety of classes with a focus on pleasure positivity, as well as health and wellness.


BADVIBES.ORG hosts free educational resources and information we’ve created at The Smitten Kitten. Our mission is to demystify the adult sex toy industry and positively transform socially irresponsible, environmentally and personally hazardous sex toy manufacturing and sex toy sales practices. Since BADVIBES.ORG was founded in 2005, we’ve succeeded in creating radical change in sex toy manufacturing and consumer awareness around sex toy material and usage. Here, you’ll find free information and resources on the Coalition Against Toxic Toys and its partners, sex toy safety and testing, lube safety and research, safe sex toy shopping, and more!


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