Lending Library

We believe that sex education should be accessible to everyone. We sell new books online and in our Minneapolis store, but in summer of 2015 we also started an in-store lending library to offer sex education resources for those who can't afford to buy books. Luckily, we know a lot of sex educators whose bookshelves are practically overflowing, so we've received many generous donations to make this library possible.

Our lending library has grown to over 300 titles and we hope it continues to develop. We will happily accept donations of non-fiction books pertaining to sexuality and sex education at any time. Donations can be dropped off in person, or sent by post!

We are pleased to offer this library as a local resource for everyone. If you are in Minneapolis and would like to take advantage of our lending library, just visit our store. Books are free to check out, and all that's required is a name and contact phone number. Folks can borrow up to two books at a time for a two week lending period.

Our library categories include:

Anal Sex



General Reference




Oral Sex


Sex & Aging

Sex & Health

Sex & Parenting

Sex Work

Sexual Trauma & Healing



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