What To Expect When You Refer Clients To Smitten Kitten


Our staff members are trained sex educators, which means they are experts on the dynamics of sexual pleasure, sexual and reproductive anatomy, and of course, sex toys. We're not medically trained, but because our work is focused on sexual pleasure we can sometimes offer more information or a different perspective than you might get from a visit to the doctor's office. If a doctor or other professional recommended our store, please give them our thanks! We're always eager to help customers who need information about sexual and reproductive health. At The Smitten Kitten, we work from a pleasure-positive perspective. That means that we help connect individuals with the toys, tools and resources they need to find their own bodies' pathways to pleasure and well being. If you're planning to contact us or visit our Minneapolis store for help with a medical condition, here are a few tips. It sometimes helps to take notes when speaking with your doctor - that way you won't forget any details. Write down any diagnosis your doctor may have given you, or the names of any specific toys or resources they recommended. If you're nervous about visiting a sex shop - that's okay! We can promise you a couple of things. Our store is one of a growing number of progressive small sex shops around the world that are clean, pleasant, fun places to shop. When you talk with our staff, you'll be having a conversation with a trained, respectful, friendly Midwestern sex nerd. We know a lot about sex, and we love helping people.



penis pump and pressure gauge displayed in front of a sunlit window

Thanks for your interest in our store! One of our goals as a business is to serve as a community resource, and we're happy to help anyone you'd like to send our way. We understand that it's not always possible for medical professionals to discuss sexual concerns in detail with their patients. Sexuality is a sensitive subject, and everyone's boundaries and comfort levels are different. If you have a client who needs solutions for a specific sexual concern, we may be able to offer them recommendations or advice. Our expertise is focused on the dynamics of sexual pleasure, the details of sexual and reproductive anatomy, and of course sex toys. We are always very clear with our customers that we're not medical professionals, and we never offer any kind of medical advice or diagnosis.

We do, however, know a lot about the products we sell and how they can help with different medical conditions. When customers arrive at our store with questions related to medical conditions, it's always helpful for us to have as many details as possible. So when you send a client our way, please explain to them what you hope they'll gain from their visit. If there are specific products you'd like them to check out, make sure they've got the full name of the product and an idea of how you'd like them to try using it.

Finally, we want to share our knowledge with you! We offer a continuing series of educational workshops - some open to the public, and some specifically for medical professionals. Please visit our events page to learn more and check out upcoming classes.


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