• A Quick & Easy Guide To Sex & Disability
  • A Quick & Easy Guide To Sex & Disability
  • A Quick & Easy Guide To Sex & Disability

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A Quick & Easy Guide To Sex & Disability

$ 9.99

• Colorful, engaging guide to exploring sex and disability.

• Written for a wide audience - great for folks with disabilities who are exploring their sexuality and non-disabled partners.

• Many kinds of disabilities, ages, races, and body types are represented.

• Primarily focused on sex and physical accessibility.

• Non-explicit, good for beginners and young adults.

From the publisher:

A quick, easy, and educational comic book guide that will help change the way we talk about sex and sexuality for all bodies.

All different kinds of bods want to connect with other bods, but lots of them get left out of the conversation when it comes to S-E-X. As explained by disabled cartoonist A. Andrews, this easy-to-read guide covers the basics of disability sexuality, common myths about disabled bodies, communication tips, and practical suggestions for having the best sexual experience possible. Whether you yourself are disabled, you love someone who is, or you just want to know more, consider this your handy starter kit to understanding disability sexuality, and your path to achieving accessible (and fulfilling) sex.

Author: A. Andrews

Publisher: Limerence Press (2020)

Pages: 72


A. Andrews is a queer and disabled cartoonist live and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota after a near-decade stay in New York City. They grew up in the Pacific Northwest sketching in hospitals, and are the creator of the Autostraddle webcomic Oh, Hey! It's Alyssa! When they're not drawing their guts out, they are hanging out with their dog, George, and drinking too many coffees.

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