• A Touch of Fur Rabbit Fur Flogger Black, Fuchsia, Animal Print
  • A Touch of Fur Rabbit Fur Flogger Fuchsia
  • A Touch of Fur Rabbit Fur Flogger Black
  • A Touch of Fur Rabbit Fur Flogger Animal Print Scale Image

A Touch of Fur Inc.

Rabbit Fur Flogger

$ 62.99

This fuzzy flogger is the impact play equivalent of a sensuous pillow fight. While still functional as a flogger, these rabbit fur tails provide a light thud that can be just the right way to warm up or cool down from more intense impact. The fur tails can also tease, tickle, soothe, or stimulate any body part as a tool for sensation and exploration.  

Tail Quantity: 20
Tail Length: 12.5 in.
Tail Width: 1 in.
Handle Length: 5 in.
Material: Rabbit Fur & Garment leather
Manufacturer: Touch of Fur

Country of Origin: made in New York City, U.S.A.

Avoid getting this item wet, as it may alter the fur texture or dye. 


A Touch of Fur is based in New York City, NY, where they hand dye and craft a variety of high quality fur and leather BDSM accoutrements.

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