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Bamboo Silk Rope

$ 22.99 - $ 39.99

This versatile rope is super soft yet strong enough to please a variety of tastes. DeGiotto's bamboo silk rope is handcrafted from bamboo and silk fibers, making it so luxuriously soft to the touch and that some people call it "pajama rope." Rope lovers enjoy bamboo rope for many reasons, not the least of which is that it is eco-friendly, relatively easy to clean and care for, and can be dyed in a variety of vibrant colors. These natural fibers really hold a knot, so this rope is perfect for comfortable yet secure bedroom bondage. Don't blame us if you come back for several different colors. This stuff is gorgeous! Check out the photos to get a hint of its beauty.

Length: 30 ft.

Width: 6 mm.

Material: 70% bamboo fibers / 30% factory dyed silk fibers

Manufacturer: deGiotto Rope

Country of Origin: hand-laid in the USA

Wash by hand in sink using cold water. Do not use a commercial detergent. Instead consider using deGiotto's own rope wash available direct. Do not overly agitate, squeeze or wring the ropes. The fibers are delicate when wet.

Be sure to let the rope dry completely before storing.  Loosely coil the rope and allow to hang dry. This may take several days depending on humidity and airflow.

After washing, it will be important to stretch your rope. Tie one end to a firm object or have a buddy hold it for you.  Hold the other end loosely between your fingers and walk the rope out straight. Keep only light pressure on the rope so it will spin in your hand naturally to take out any twists that may have occurred. Slowly pull the rope taut and gently allow it to shrink back to a natural rest.


DeGiotto Rope, based out of Katy, TX is operated by BDSM enthusiast, Kink community educator, and rope maker Sir Giotto and his team. DeGiotto ropes are hand finished hemp, jute, or bamboo silk dyed in an abundance of squeal-inducing colors. Each batch is handmade for Smitten Kitten to order and color selections will vary slightly.

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