• Handy Rubber Flogger (VEGAN)
  • Handy Rubber Flogger (VEGAN)
  • Handy Rubber Flogger (VEGAN)
  • Handy Rubber Flogger (VEGAN)

BARE Leatherworks LLP

Handy Rubber Flogger (VEGAN)

$ 49.95

The Handy Flogger has enough falls to produce full-bodied flogger sensations, in a short enough length to use at close range. This is great in tight play spaces or if you want to flog a partner during oral or penetrative sex. The Handy Flogger is also a good bet for flogging arms and legs, since there's less risk of wraparound than with longer falls. (Handlebonk is still a concern, though, so do be sure to keep your aim consistent and precise as you would with any flogger in order to avoid clobbering your floggee with the end of the handle!) The handle is weighted, rubber-wrapped, and wrist-strap-equipped for a secure and comfortable grasp.

The Handy Flogger is handmade by Bare Leatherworks with 100% Vegan materials. Rubber is beloved for its thrillingly merciless sting - if you're in the market for a soft, cushioned impact, best look elsewhere! This model is completely vegan and contains no leather or animal-derived components.

Bare Leatherworks products are lovingly handmade and measurements may vary slightly.

Overall Length: 14.25 in.

Handle length: 6.25 in.

Fall length: 8 in.

Fall quantity: approx. 20

Materials: industrial rubber, metal

Manufacturer: Bare Leatherworks

Country of Origin: Handmade in WA, United States


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