• Small Twisted Nylon Flogger
  • Small Twisted Nylon Flogger
  • Small Twisted Nylon Flogger
  • Small Twisted Nylon Flogger
  • Small Twisted Nylon Flogger

Bat House Whips

Small Twisted Nylon Flogger

$ 89.99

This eye catching flogger looks good and feels even better, whether you're on the giving or receiving end of its twisted nylon falls. Springy yet substantial, these paracord falls will naturally fray over time at their ends, and create soft tassels just under the firm knots. The metal reinforced handle has a comfortable heft for well controlled swings, and features a striking chevron pattern woven with black and the accent color of your choice. Great for beginners or seasoned pros looking to add a special, handcrafted piece to their collection... or for vegan BDSM enthusiasts who want a leather-free flogger with some substance and thud!

For a bigger version of this toy, check out the large twisted nylon flogger.

Measurements: handle is 8 inches, falls are approximately 12 inches long.

Material(s): nylon paracord, metal reinforced handle

Manufacturer: Bat House Whips

Country of Origin: Made in USA

Suggestions from the manufacturer:

"Spot clean with a rag or soft brush dampened with slightly soapy water. For deeper cleaning submerge briefly in warm (not hot) soapy water and scrub gently. Pat dry immediately and hang to dry fully. You can sanitize falls with alcohol or antibacterial soap. Do NOT bleach.

Store away from direct sunlight or high temperatures. Water will not cause damage, but hang them to dry if they get wet.

As you break in your flogger, the ends of the falls will fray below the knots to soft tips. Trim if needed to make them even with sharp scissors."


Smitten Kitten is always excited to work with indie toy designers, and it’s especially awesome when a quality toy company shares our zip code! The folks at Bat House Whips are based in Minneapolis, and we’re proud to have the opportunity to share their fine work with our customers. Bat House makes sturdy, beautiful toys for impact and sensation play, in almost every color of the rainbow. Who knew nylon paracord had this much gorgeous, kinky potential?

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