• Drawn to Sex: Our Bodies and Health
  • Drawn to Sex: Our Bodies and Health
  • Drawn to Sex: Our Bodies and Health

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Drawn to Sex: Our Bodies and Health

$ 19.99

From the publisher:

Erika and Matthew are here to talk about bodies and sexual health!

Have you ever wanted to learn exactly how pregnancy works? How about what to expect at your next doctor’s visit? Or even just really understanding what’s “down there”? Erika and Matthew are ready to help out with their second book in the Drawn to Sex series.

Utilizing their many years of experience and the input of some amazing guest experts, they’ve jam-packed this book with funny, sex-positive, inclusive, judgment-free comics all about your body and its sexual health. They explore the details of reproductive health, from STIs to anatomy, abortion to pregnancy, and as many other topics they could fit in!

Pick up this fun book if you’re looking to improve upon your initial sex education, or need a book to help someone new along. This is a great introduction to your body and health, and an approachable resource to learn more about yourself!

Writers: Abby Howard, Boum , Rosalarin , Ashley Guillory, Alex Assan, Ainsley Yeager, Silver

Artists: Erika Moen, Matthew Nolan, Silver , Boum , Ainsley Yeager, Abby Howard, Rosalarin , Alex Assan, Ashley Guillory

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