• Femme as Fuck DIY Cross Stitch Kit
  • Femme as Fuck DIY Cross Stitch Kit

Junebug and Darlin

Femme as Fuck DIY Cross Stitch Kit

$ 26.99

Femme's to the front! You might notice that this DIY Kit is for a 6" diameter finished product (the others are 5")- that's why this one is a couple bucks more! Junebug & Darlin' had to make sure there was adequate room for the subversive flowers! While these are pictures of the finished product, you don't actually get it all done up- you get to do that yourself! Everything you need (including the pattern) comes in one kit and you just supply the time and company to do-it-yourself! Don't fret, they are beginner friendly! 

DIY Cross Stitch Kits include:
Mini cross stitch pattern, needle, Aida cloth, embroidery floss, natural wood hoop for stitching and framing, and felt for backing finished product

Size: Finished product is 6" diameter

Origin: Virgina and Oregon, USA

Junebug & Darlin'

Femme-identified friends and collaborators, MaryLynne Smith and Zoë Frost, make up Junebug & Darlin's creative team! Smitten Kitten first discovered these badass artists on Etsy, and fell in love with their subversive stitchery right away! 

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