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Foam Breast Forms

$ 42.99

These quality breast forms are made of a dense but lightweight foam, making them an economical choice for people who want to try out breast forms without investing in a silicone product, or for those who want shaping without weight. These forms are not concave - they're sculpted with a flat back and are designed to be worn by people with a relatively flat chest. They're perfect for athletic activity, travel or for wearing while sleeping, because they won't puncture, crush or easily tear. Their symmetrical triangle shape makes them easy to wear and interchangeable from side to side. Sold in pairs.

Available in sizes 7-9 (see Sizing tab for details and corresponding bra sizes)

Material: Soft Polyurethane Foam

Shape: small molded nipple protrudes, symmetrical triangle shaped form. Smallest curve is designed to be worn on top, not meant to be turned in different directions. These forms are hand washable.

Manufacturer: Transform

Country of Origin: Made in US


Transform is a brand of products created by Nearly Me Technologies, a company that has been making silicone gel and foam products in the health care field for almost 40 years. Most of their products are designed for people who want to add curves to their body shape, and are marketed to transgender and cross dressing customers. In addition to the foam breast  forms Smitten Kitten sells, Transform also makes an extensive line of silicone breast forms and other body-shaping prostheses, as well as accompanying lingerie and other garments. All products are made in the US with domestic materials, and manufactured in Texas. 

To select the right breast form size for you, first select your ideal cup size.

This is a cup size guide from the manufacturer, Transform. Everyone is different, but these suggestions are a fine place to start.

After selecting your desired cup size, look at the bra sizing chart below to match up your measurements with the breast form that may work best for you. If there are two breast form sizes listed, you may want to end up trying both. Remember that if you're wearing your forms in a bra, the stretch of the material may effect the shape of the foam products we sell.




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