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Jaz Motion

$ 80.00

• Sex pillow, position enhancer
• Lift, access, and support for prolonged oral sex

Enjoy natural rocking motions by using this bolster curved-side down during penetration. The rhythmic thrusting motion with gently rock the bolster providing a pleasure-enhancing motion. Alternately, use the bolster flat-side down for stationary-stability and ideal hip tilt for g-spot or prostate stimulation. Fully washable and crafted with high-density, high-quality inner foam, this will bolster your sex life for years. 


  • Measurements:

 Length: 13 in
 Width: 19 in
 Height: 6 in

  • Material: High density foam inner core, Poly/nylon water-resistant liner, Soft microfiber cover
  • Manufacturer: Liberator
  • Country of Origin: USA


  • Stain resistant, oil-based lubricants may stain 
  • Zip off microfiber cover and machine wash cold
  • Air only, or hang dry
  • Spot clean inner nylon liner

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