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Kookie Int'l

Brocade Wrist Cuffs

$ 79.99

Seriously pretty and tough enough for serious play, these wide, sturdy cuffs feature soft leather on the inside and elegant, shimmery brocade on the outside, all encircled by a rugged leather strap to keep everything buckled down as securely as you please. Each cuff is also equipped with a lockable buckle and two D-rings, which can be used to buckle the cuffs together or attach them to ropes, tethers, or other restraints of your choice. Suitable for bondage beginners, experts, and everyone in between, these cuffs are perfect for any wrists that want to get bound up and look fancy doing it.

Be sure to complete your ensemble with the matching collar!

Sizing: fits up to 10.5 inches

Width: 3 inches across

Material(s): fabric, leather, metal (may contain nickel)

Manufacturer: Kookie Int'l

Country of Origin: USA

This product is made of fabric and leather.

Leather products are porous, meaning they cannot be completely sterilized and they will absorb water, so when cleaning it is best to use as little water as possible. Only use soaps specifically made for cleaning leather, like saddle soap or specialty leather wipes. Follow cleaning instructions of whichever leather cleaner you choose, then using a dry towel pat dry until all excess moisture has been absorbed.

Standard hand soaps or dish soaps can damage dyed leather and/or dry out leather leading to cracks or fraying. Oils in lubricants or soaps can stain leathers and should be avoided.

Over time leather conditioners may be necessary to keep leathers from cracking or wearing out, especially around buckles or other metal hardware.


This San Francisco leather wholesaler has been in business for decades. Their factory and outlet store is located on Folsom Street. They offer quality leather gear, designed and manufactured in the US.


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