• Buddy T-hose Connector

L.A. Pump

Buddy T-hose Connector

$ 37.49

This T-hose Connector allows you adapt a single pump handle for use with two cylinders simultaneously. (For example, if you wanted to use a single pump to create suction in two Nipple Cylinders at the same time.) It's easy to swap out the standard hose that comes with your pump, and attach this one instead.

With the T-hose Connector you can hook up any two cylinders. Just remember that the suction psi (pounds per square inch) will be equal in both cylinders. If you're planning to pump on two different people's bodies at the same time, it might be best to stick with separate pumps. Pumping is a highly individualized activity, and it's pretty rare for people to enjoy the exact same pressure at the same speed.

Note: This listing is for the T-hose Connector only. The hand pumps and cylinders are all sold separately. 


These pumping products are designed for comfort and safety right here in the US. L.A. Pump creates pumps of all shapes and sizes with the highest quality materials, even custom sizing cylinders for most effective and reliable results. Since 1998, L.A. Pump has stayed committed to educating its customers on how to safely use pumps-- from sizing, duration of use and lubricants, to automated pumping.

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