• L.A. Pump Nipple Cylinders
  • L.A. Pump Nipple Cylinders

L.A. Pump

Nipple Cylinders

$ 64.99

Nipple stimulation can be sexually arousing for folks of all genders and orientations! For people with vaginas, nipple play stimulates vaginal lubrication and jump starts the physiological arousal of the genitals. Remember, "less is more" when it comes to pumping. Lubricate your nipple area well and make sure you go slowly.  Increase pressure very lightly over time.  The suction feeling is often described as a pinch that can range from gentle to painful depending on the amount of pressure desired.  With these pumps, you are fully in control.

Please take care when picking out the cylinder size. Measure your nipples both soft and erect to make sure the cylinder won't be too small. Finding the best cylinder size will take a little measuring work, but is well worth the effort. We sell these acrylic nipple pump cylinders in pairs; however, this set does not include the hand pump or the T-hose Connector necessary to use a single pump to provide suction to both cylinders simultaneously. Those items are sold separately.

Manufacturer: L.A. Pump

Material: Acrylic

Country of Origin: USA

Warranty: One Year Manufacturer Warranty

This product is made of acrylic plastic.

Acrylic plastic is non-toxic and easy to care for and clean. It’s a hypoallergenic, non-porous material that won’t break down or leach chemicals into the body over time. To clean, use hot water and a body-friendly soap before and after each use. Be sure to allow your cylinder to dry completely before storing.

Acrylic plastic is compatible with all types of lubricant. This material can scratch easily, so keep away from abrasive surfaces, harsh chemical cleaners and do not put it in your dishwasher- doing so will void your warranty.


These pumping products are designed for comfort and safety right here in the US. L.A. Pump creates pumps of all shapes and sizes with the highest quality materials, even custom sizing cylinders for most effective and reliable results. Since 1998, L.A. Pump has stayed committed to educating its customers on how to safely use pumps-- from sizing, duration of use and lubricants, to automated pumping.

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