• Portable Electric Hand Pump
  • Portable Electric Hand Pump

L.A. Pump

Portable Electric Hand Pump

$ 85.99

• High quality electric pump attachment for penis, vulva, or nipple pumping.

• The simplest pump for L.A. Pumps - requires no force by the user. 

• One hand required to operate pump.

• Cylinders are sold separately.


L.A. Pump's Portable Electric Hand Pump is solidly made of plastic with a simple, one button operation. This superior quality piece of professionally calibrated equipment is built to last. Although it does not have a PSI gauge it has a limited PSI to avoid over pumping. It is also designed to be operated with one hand. This is a great advantage if you are solo pumping and need the other hand to hold the cylinder in place long enough to establish a vacuum seal. The Portable Electric Hand Pump is operated via a wall plug (included) or 4 AA batteries (not included).

This pump is compatible with all of the L.A. Pump Cylinders and accessories and comes with a single tube (approximately 27 inches long) and coupler. A T-hose Connector divided tube is available and sold separately to accommodate two cylinders on one pump.  Folks pumping nipples with two separate cylinders and only one pump will find this adaptor necessary. 

NOTE: This product listing does not include pumping cylinders. Cylinders are sold separately.

Power source: AC plug (included) or 4 AA batteries.

Manufacturer: L.A. Pump

Country of Origin: USA

Material: Hard Plastic, PVC Tubing

Warranty: One Year Manufacturer Warranty 


These pumping products are designed for comfort and safety right here in the US. L.A. Pump creates pumps of all shapes and sizes with the highest quality materials, even custom sizing cylinders for most effective and reliable results. Since 1998, L.A. Pump has stayed committed to educating its customers on how to safely use pumps-- from sizing, duration of use and lubricants, to automated pumping.

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