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Vulva Pump Cup

$ 72.99

Pumping is a kind of sensation and circulatory play that works on any kind of erectile tissue, including the nipples, penis, clitoris, breasts and the lips of the vulva. Many people enjoy pumping because they appreciate the look and feel of temporarily enlarged body parts, as well as the intense sensations that go along with suction and engorgement. These oblong pump cups are designed for pumping a vulva.

This product listing is for the cup only. To create suction you'll also need to order a hand pump.

Have fun and be safe! It is very important to go slowly as you begin to pump. Pumping too hard too fast will break capillaries and, in the worse case scenario, break larger blood vessels resulting in serious injury. You can get excellent results utilizing very little vacuum pressure and you will come to know your body and how you respond with practice. Do not exceed the recommended pumping duration and frequency for beginners. To start out, do not use your pump for more than 10 minutes each session, four times a week. Start with very low pressures, and take plenty of breaks between sessions.


Small: 3 inches wide, 4 inches long

Medium: 3.5 inches wide, 4.625 inches long

Large: 4 inches wide, 5 inches long

Material: Acrylic

Manufacturer: L.A. Pump

Warranty: One Year Manufacturer Warranty 

Country of Origin: USA



These pumping products are designed for comfort and safety right here in the US. L.A. Pump creates pumps of all shapes and sizes with the highest quality materials, even custom sizing cylinders for most effective and reliable results. Since 1998, L.A. Pump has stayed committed to educating its customers on how to safely use pumps-- from sizing, duration of use and lubricants, to automated pumping.

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